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Restaurant Berlin Mitte

Relax and enjoy the time

Our vision: Cutting back to the essential to give our guests time for what really matters.

Unique moments and people constantly pass us by. Often unnoticed. Therefore it is about time for a new kind of restaurant - einsunternull.

We go back to the roots and focus on every detail. It's about purity and simplicity.

That is why Michelin honoured us with one Michelin star.

einsunternull - Michelin Sterne Restaurant in Berlin | Küche | Kitchen

Michelin star restaurant

Within our first year the Guide Michelin honoured us with our first star.

"Using top quality ingredients, dishes with distinct flavours are carefully prepared to a consistently high standard."
Guide Michelin 2017

Our menu

The kitchen is not the sole source of inspiration. We find it where hardly anyone would expect it. Where it all starts. On the fields and meadows, in the forests in our region or just roadside - or just barely underground, like our restaurant.

Unusual combinations are always the result of the encounter of chef and ingredients.

Radically seasonal - experience the new German cuisine either during our lunch or our dinner.

Our current menu

Our restaurant in Berlin Mitte

We are a new kind of Berlin Gourmet restaurant. Discover Haute cuisine our way - straight forward yet creative.

Like our dishes we cut back to the essential. Let go of time and enjoy our minimalist and stylish atmosphere.

Our unique lunch is served on our ground floor. The basement however is reserved for our dinner guests. Here we invite you to join us for a ten course dinner. Convince yourself of our craftsmenship.

„Everything needs to be sensible and comprehensible. We always put a lot of thought into our products and carefully pick our ingredients.“
Andreas Rieger, chef

The Team

End of 2016 our chef Andreas Rieger received his first Michelin star. This did not only honour us but also proved that we are on the right track with our concept.

We found our signature through many years of collaboration in Berlin Michelin rated restaurants.
Every detail follows a purpose that we derived from many years of experience.

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Meet the team of einunternull

Star restaurant in our own style

Our philosophy: With a passion for sustainability and respect for nature we aim to show our guests the entire spectrum of regional cuisine combined with handmade products. We aim at dishes that are just as honest as a walk through an enchanted forest.

Follow us where everything has its roots - underground. A grain, roots of a tree and finally also our restaurant.

We constantly look for new producers, that underline our ideal perception of craftsmenship - be it porcelain, silverware, glasses, tables, chairs. Find true craftsmenship in every detail of our restaurant.

"...the crew from einsunternull have found a powerful ally in their quest for a non-comprise, terroir-driven, Brandenburg cuisine and together with the vital, first star in the 2017 edition of the Michelin Guide..." - Berlin Food Stories

real craftsmanship Michelin starred restaurant 100% from the region